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Nickiala and Evores Married!Mary and Ralph Married!Chelsea and PaulaKatie and MikeStephanie and Santos MarriedAimee and Dominick Married!Lauren and Everett Married!Tanya and Luis Married!Hallie and Coty Married!Eileen and David Married!Catherine and Mark Married!Karen and JonTaylor and JamesLinda and JamesJeanie and John Married!Abagael and BillyFaith and Richard Married!Melissa and Joe married!Shanya and NoeAngie and KevinNicole and Edar MarriedSonya and Chris MarriedEtelvina and Alejandro MarriedMalorie and DanielMandy and David Married!Congratulations Beth and Glenn!Stephanie and Lawrence Married!Brittani and DougMelanie and Jerome Married!Telina and ShawnAmber and Boyd Eloped!Jessica and Adam Married!Emily and Jesse Married!Janni & LaGeneKaitlyn and Jacob Married!Yula & AdrianCyndi and Michael Married!Juliet & DavidMelissa & BrendenWendy and Nate Married!Jenny and Bob Married!Carrie and Jeremiah Married!Lavinia & NathanAurora & NoamJordan and Jeremy Married!Olivia and Israel Married!Amanda & VincentAmber & AnthonyVictoria & SymonMeredith and Ryan Married!Alexa and Rob Married!Alisha and MattCongratulations Lee and David!Kayla and Steven Married!Congratulations Christie and Russell!Sonja and Al Married!Congratulations Sarah and Brandon!Auslyn and Jonas Married!Angela & JohnBrianna and Julio Married!Congratulations Crystal and Jason!Alexandra and SeanStephanie and JamesNienneth and Harvey Married!Congratulations Amy and Matt!Claudia and MattAmanda and CodyAutumn & JonathanCongratulations Kai and Phil !Katara and Nick Married!Andrea and Erin Congratulations!Elizabeth and Jeremy Married!Kathryn and Rodney Married!Jena and AngelGabi and Carlos Married!Congratulations Ari and Shawn!Koraima and JoseCongratulations Ming Hon and JaredCongratulations Darcie and TJ!Congratulations Caroline and DavidMichelle and Joseph Married!Kaitlyn and Chris Married!Mary and Matt Married!Liesl and Billy Married!Congratulations Samantha and Gabe!Congratulations Laura and Martin!Amy and Brad Married!Marilyn and JoseStacey and ReggieCongratulations May and Ronald!Congratulations Regina and Kayin!Congratulations Joanna and Andrew!Jennifer and ChrisJodi and Keith Married!Chloe and Trent Married!Congratulations Michele and Michael!Congratulations Amanda and Jody!Melissa and Devin Married!Congratulations Aric and Emily!Brenna and EmanuelZenobia and Ron Married!